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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Nov 6, 2018

Diane Dietz would have happily spent her career working in marketing at Proctor & Gamble, but as we all know, life can be unpredictable.

When she found herself seated next to a tall, dark, and handsome stranger at a wedding, she could not have predicted that she would someday move from Cincinnati to San Francisco to start a family with him. That unpredictable relocation led to a significant career disruption, taking her from oral care and cosmetic marketing to a C-suite position at Safeway, where she led the marketing, merchandising, and supply chain of the second largest grocery retailer in the US.

Even after being a chief marketing officer, executive vice president, and responsible for over 12,000 employees, Diane still felt some hesitation when she was approached by a recruiter about the CEO position at Rodan + Fields. Up to that point she had been looking at the number two position at really large companies, but as she met with the team at Rodan + Fields she fell in love—only this time with a company.

Diane accepted the position and has grown Rodan + Fields from 600 million to 1.5 billion in sales (which I find super impressive). Furthermore, she has built an impressive team, wherever she has gone in her career and has developed a reputation as someone who makes those she works with better.

Join us as we discuss how she spots talent for her “A Team,” what she loved most about her favorite bosses, and how Rodan + Fields manages their exponential growth without spending for digital advertising.

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