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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Mar 17, 2020

Right now, we find ourselves in uncharted waters.

A pandemic, political wrangling, a volatile stock market. Most of it we’ve experienced before. But it feels a bit like we’ve sailed into the Bermuda triangle of uncertainty, even chaos.

These macro events coupled with the micro anxieties that accompany our everyday human lives might make us fear we are sinking.

There’s no question that the past few weeks have been disconcerting. Most of us are finding it discombobulating; pretty normal to be feeling that right now. Our way of life is without a doubt being disrupted.

On this episode, we will review the framework of personal disruption within the context of our current crisis. It is a seven-point framework, and typically I refer to the seven steps as accelerants. And they are. But right now, when it often feels like we are on a ship that could sink any minute - they are guardrails. 7 Guardrails for the present; 7 accelerants for the future.