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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Dec 8, 2020

Our guest this week, Sandy Stelling, is fluent in the language of growth. She started her career with Boeing, fresh out of college. After nearly eight years and rising to the level of Senior Engineer, Sandy took a leap and accepted a position with Alaska Airlines as a Project Manager. Twenty years and six titles later, she became the Vice President of Strategy, Analytics and Transformation. This may seem like an unexpected rise for someone who was hired on to manage projects, but Sandy’s approach to every role she takes tells a different story.

In this episode…

  • We hear a true insider take on how the airline industry has been navigating the pandemic and how the power of choosing optimism – despite it all – has helped Sandy and the organization weather this storm.
  • We learn how the ability to operate in ambiguity can help you support and lead.
  • We talk about grace and space – the power of expressing radical forgiveness in the midst of exceptional circumstances.


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