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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Jun 6, 2023

What does it mean to be the only one in the room who knows something is wrong? You're the only one in your company who sees the number they missed.

What do you do? Do you speak up? Try this on -- is anything really that bad going to happen if you keep it to yourself?

All those little decisions, to sit on some information, or fudge a number, they add up to the tune of about one trillion dollars of fraud a year. 

Kelly Richmond Pope is a forensic accountant, a professor at DePaul University and an award-winning documentarian and filmmaker. Her documentary on the not-too-distant world of fraudsters and whistleblowers is called “All The Queen’s Horses,” out on Netflix. And now Kelly is out with a book, "Fool Me Once," diving deep into that same world.

She’s covered everyone from Madoff, to Elizabeth Holmes, to the embezzler of a grill from Lowes. We’ll talk about what makes a predator in this world, what makes prey, and how the line isn't as distinct as we'd hope. That's where the third path -- whistleblowing -- comes in.