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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Oct 17, 2023

For all the credit Superman gets, for being the Man of Steel, do you think he ever cries? When he’s Clark Kent, working at the paper, do you think Superman’s ever broken down in a bathroom stall?

When he’s flying folks out of a burning building, it’s easy to forget that his parents are dead, his home is dust and the only family he has wants him dead. All we see is the Man of Steel.

For 45 years, James Dixon only showed others what they wanted to see. What they didn’t see, was his prosthetic leg that he had kept hidden all that time. Until he decided to show them.

Today, James is out with a book about his experience, titled Absolute Motivation. From team lead at General Motors to firing up Fortune 500 crowds, James is in the business of building people up. That’s only after he learned to build himself up, too.