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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Apr 25, 2023

Tom Peters has walked many, many paths in life, more than many of us can claim. He's been a Navy Seabee overseas in Vietnam, a White House advisor, a McKinsey consultant, even a PBS show host. You might know him as the author of the 80s management bestseller, "In Search of Excellence."

Recently, Tom had the idea to start up a podcast of his own, and asked our host Whitney to be his first guest. Tom even had a name for the podcast ready: "Extreme Humanism," after another of his books. The two friends talked in front of microphones for over an hour, and then Tom retired, deservedly so.

With Tom's permission, we're happy to polish up that tape and present a bonus episode of Disrupt Yourself, one where Whitney actually won't be doing the interviewing. Join us (and Whitney's daughter, Miranda!) for a thoughtful dialogue about drawing maps to nowhere, five-star generals in the Indian military, and everything in between.