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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Apr 19, 2024

Ask a thousand people how to make a house a home, and you might get a thousand different answers. Some will say it’s family; others say it’s all in the interior decor – neighborhood pride, or a furry friend, maybe. 

Regardless of how you answer the question, you can’t just sit back and wait for it to become a...

Apr 12, 2024

How many of us have mastered the skill of looking busy, at some point in our professional lives? It’s an art, really – moving from one tab to another with lightspeed, peering at the screen and making that face that you think communicates determination, drive, intent. 


Our guest today says that it’s nothing to...

Apr 5, 2024

Many of us feel comfortable navigating a city. Whether it’s New York or Kyoto, the rules remain mostly the same. Count the amount of blocks you’ve walked, remember that the E train runs express to Manhattan, if you see the Duane Reade, you’ve gone too far. We can get lost, for sure, but there’s a joy in knowing...

Mar 29, 2024

In this episode, we wanted to bring you a redux of a conversation I had back in 2022.

As a new mom, Brooke Romney left behind her roots on Capitol Hill to move to a new community, new friend –– a new S Curve. 


But instead of making new connections, a normally extroverted person, Brooke found herself withdrawing...

Mar 22, 2024

What makes a good story? Characters, plot, setting, sure – you can boil it down to those elements – but what makes a good story? Is it the moment where you’re up all night burning the midnight oil, because you’re dying to find out how it ends? Is a good story one you believe in?

Our guest today believes in the...