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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Aug 11, 2020

Our guest today Darrell Rigby, is an expert in the philosophy called Agile. According to Darrell, “Agile always begins thinking from the customer backward. What is the customer’s problem? What is the customer’s dilemma?” Basically, identify the issue and solve for it. Agile, when practiced correctly, is like an operational superpower - helping employees and organizations outperform their capabilities and circumstances. Darrell knows this superpower better than most.

Darrell is also a consummate disruptor, but his story is unique. in He discovered a way to disrupt and continue to grow all while staying at the same company for four decades! In this episode, Darrell shatters every preconceived notion about needing to leave your organization in order to disrupt yourself.

Darrell’s research is widely published in the business pages of many U.S. and international publications, including The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and The Financial Times. He is a frequent speaker and author on strategy issues, including Agile Innovation, BothBrainR innovation, Open-Market Innovation, Winning in Turbulence, and Omnichannel Retailing. Darrell has been a keynote speaker at global business conferences, and has made media appearances on CNN Moneyline, CNBC, NPR, and Bloomberg

We are grateful to have Darrell with us today and are excited to share his story with you.


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