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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Dec 22, 2020

Today we discussing the new book called Missing Each Other: How to Cultivate Meaningful Connections, with its co-authors Edward “Ted” Brodkin and Ashely Pallathra.

In Missing Each Other, they argue that we need to tune back into each other. Especially now. Because of COVID, we’ve all been pushed to a new S Curve, one that increasingly involves digital forms of connection, making it possible to miss each other even more.

Ted is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania and has been named a top doctor in America for over a decade. He holds his MD from Harvard Medical School. Fun fact: he attended the pre-college division of music at Julliard where he studied the clarinet.

Ashley is a Clinical Psychology PhD Candidate at The Catholic University of America; p previously she was the Clinical Research Coordinator at the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania.

In this episode we learn about what Ted and Ashley call attunement, an elevated form of human connection – one that considers not just connecting with another person – but considering our state of body and mind as part of that connection. And we discover the value of meeting people where they are can foster unique and genuine opportunities to connect. The authors provide a helpful framework and useful tools that can help us all to be more tuned into our conversations professionally and personally.

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