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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Mar 16, 2021

Money is a resource, and yet many of us are not comfortable talking about money, let alone talking about building a wealth. Fortunately, today I am speaking with Ashley M. Fox. Ashley, a former Wall Street analyst and expert at financial education, is her to help us disrupt our view of money.

As part of her mission, she founded Empify, an organization dedicated to changing the mindset of communities across the United States through financial empowerment and education. They have reached thousands of students in over 50 different schools and organizations across the United States. Ashley is also a financial journalist for Black Enterprise magazine and has been featured on Jim Cramer's The Street, Yahoo Finance, and Glamour magazine.

Join us as we discuss giving your money a job, dispelling myths around guilt and shame, and learning how to pay yourself first.

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