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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Oct 30, 2018

When Saul Kaplan produced his carefully compiled spreadsheet of how he planned to host a two day summit on innovation, the last thing he expected his friend to do was tear the spreadsheet to pieces—literally.

 His friend was none other than Richard Saul Wurman, the founder of TED, so his feedback was not something...

Oct 23, 2018

Being the host of a podcast, I’ve had my share of great conversations, but I’ve also had some that were…not. Whether the blame should be placed on myself, my guest, or both of us, can be left up to interpretation, but I find it interesting that something we do every day—converse with others—is also something...

Oct 16, 2018

As children, we are taught to say “please” and “thank you,” but oftentimes, as adults, these habits are not reinforced in the workplace. We are not asked to perform tasks, we are told, and we are paid for our efforts; in other words, we do something because it is our job. What more do we need?  

According to Bob...

Oct 9, 2018

Before you can be an agent of disruption, you first become its subject by disrupting yourself.

Keeping this in mind, today’s podcast is a bit different. If you’ve been a long-time listener, this will probably come as no surprise (disruption is what we do, after all)!

In the past I have shared episodes where I take...

Oct 2, 2018

My guest today is Shawn Askinosie, the founder and CEO of Askinosie Chocolate and author of the number one Amazon best selling book, Meaningful Work: The Quest to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul.

For Shawn Askinosie, picking a favorite kind of chocolate is like asking someone to pick a favorite...