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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Dec 18, 2018

I have a confession:  I am a recovering perfectionist.

Up until very recently I have been completely unable to listen to a single “Disrupt Yourself” podcast. I convinced myself that I would be a terrible interviewer, and my imagination was doing just fine on its own without my hearing every flaw, every weakness,...

Dec 11, 2018

Keith Krach collects people.

It’s not that he’s a comic book villain, mind you—Keith simply has a knack for finding people, discovering what they’re interested in, and building a team from that connection. Over the past ten years at DocuSign he has asked over 300 people to be on the Advisory Board (an unsually...

Dec 4, 2018

Thinking about the competition often keeps business owners up at night. Will someone else find a way to copy your product? Will they lure customers away? Will they make your clientele happier?

It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Mike McDerment, the co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, decided that he didn’t want to waste...