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Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Mar 30, 2021

Today, our guest is Dr. Meghan Rothenberger, an infectious disease doctor specializing in HIV and AIDS, formerly a professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Meghan wants to disrupt the stigma around physicians talking about their mental health and we are here to help.

From the outside looking in, one might assume that Meghan’s life is an idyllic one. After all, she is happily married with two sons and a daughter, and Meghan’s husband is also a doctor. She has a great family, a great career and had always wanted to be a doctor. However, in 2018 Meghan’s thoughts began traveling to painful places.

Meghan kept up the façade for as long as she could until one day, under mounting pressure and expectations, she experienced an emotional breakdown. Join us as we explore the immense pressure experienced by medical residents and physicians and learn about the barriers that keep them from seeking treatment.

Meghan’s story is one of healing and self-discovery and today, she generously shares her journey with us.

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